Enriching Your Relationship
with God

John 1:1-18 "The Word Became Flesh or God with Man (The God-Man)."
Yael Eckstein, President and CEO of International Fellowship of Christians and Jews made a most generous offering to especially pray for my prayer request as a birthday gift in God’s eternal city of Jerusalem at the Western Wall, the holiest place in the Jewish Faith. I requested that this Merz Ministry Website be prayed for to give back what God has given. It was a most humbling and strengthening experience that occurred on December 8, 2022. God raised my faith to yet a higher place of belief.

Offering Scripture Study Service Worldwide

Understand the Word of God better and let us guide you in the right direction in life. Merz Ministry Website is a study ministry that is open to all communities and denominations worldwide.

Our services is to share how the Word of God can help you motivate and make your life more meaningful and understand your purpose here in the World. Contact us today to learn more our scripture study service.
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About Merz Ministry

Merz Ministry was founded by Richard Todd Merz. He started the organization with the belief that serving Christ means maturing daily through studying and living. Richard and the joint heirs in God's Kingdom learn the Scripture and free bible study together in our ministry.
Scripture is the most accurate book on the planet, which was written for over 1,500 years by approximately 40 authors. At Merz Ministry, we accept officially approved versions of the Scripture.

About Richard Todd Merz

Richard has wrestled with God for years about why, as a 100% unpaid lay minister, he would be called to stand up for this ministry website to contain the 66 books of Scripture. He lost the argument because the ministry's website has reached far and wide in the passion of obedience to reach all levels of the public.
By the grace of God, we designed Merz Ministry to be societal. It was approved to follow God's design in Acts 17:11-12 to journey Scripture strategically, learning together with the help of God's layperson and the ministry.
Merz Ministry has been serving independently since 2015. Our website has a strong civilian legal will, so we require high ethics in our work.

Richard's Beliefs and Testament:

  • Belief: God revealed that the spiritual need is the greatest of all (2 Corinthians 3:12-18).
  • Testament: He gives full testament to his mother, whose Bible is still in mint condition to this day and has notes throughout. Richard’s mother, Mary Ann Merz, passed away in 2019.

Richard's Credentials:

  • Academics: He has a bachelor’s degree, two master’s degrees and is awarded a Doctor of BUSI ADMIN in human resources. He was also trained and certified under a threat assessment program curriculum.
  • Small-Group Leader: He is heading up a class starting this fall, 2022. He is looking forward greatly to serving the Lord.
  • Occupation: He works for the Civil Service of the United States of America.
  • Military: Richard retired after 21 years of honorable service in the United States Navy.

Reasons Why You Should Join Merz Ministry:

  • Backed by a great community, Merz Ministry has a great, firm, wide, and far reach—to God be the glory.
  • Our ministry’s website has proven to reach generations.
  • Our ministry has been investigated and adjudicated.
Meeting Of Bible Study Group
Over Two Decades of Experience

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